Personalizing Shared Space

Not long ago, I did a tutorial about the “E” canvas I had made…I knew I wouldn’t be able to wait very long to use my new-to-me Silhouette cutter to make an “L” & an “O”.  I got some of the self-adhesive vinyl, so I couldn’t stand it any longer.  I am no where near proficient with the Silhouette YET, but I am figuring it out.  I made the letters in the same font I had used for E’s. 

I prepped my canvases with the Mod Podge and scrapbook paper.  I wanted to use the same paper for all three of them, letting the paint be the difference.

Here’s Lukes…

and Owen’s…

As I suspected, these came out so much cleaner than Ethan’s…they aren’t perfect, but I’m not sure I really want them to be ;).

Close-up of the L…

I probably could have cleaned up the bleeding, but I wasn’t that concerned.  To show you the difference, here is a close-up of the E…

I love all three of them!

Today’s secret revealed…wanna know how O&L got assigned orange & green as ‘their’ colors?  My mom bought 2 pairs of crocs when they were just starting to walk…1 green pair & 1 orange pair.  I had to decide who would get which color…I decided that because Luke was named after my Mom’s family…the Clemson Fans…that he would get orange ;).  Amazing what a role college football plays in my everyday life LOL.

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