Why Ruin a Perfect Evening?

This is my philosophy…I have had the good fortune to have my best friends visit me two weekends in a row (one each weekend). As you already know, cooking is one of the ways I show my affection for loved ones…so obviously I cooked while they were here…and yes it was yummy! But we get to the end of the meal and a break in the fabulous conversation…both besties say to me “so, shall we start cleaning up?”…my reply is “why should we ruin this perfectly wonderful evening with cleaning up???”. Yep, I am not afraid to leave some dishes in the sink overnight…I actually prefer to do my dishes in the morning while I have my coffee. This is not a practice I reserve for special guests…at the end of my day, the last thing I want to do (after homework, cooking, baths & bedtime) is the dishes! Once the kids are in bed, it is ME time and I refuse to feel obligated to ruin that time with doing something I don’t particularly like. Now, I understand that some people enjoy doing the dishes…I am just not one of them. So, if you are like me…stop with guilting yourself into that dreaded post-dinner clean-up! I promise they will still be there in the morning (unless you have a little cleaning fairy that visits you overnight…in which case, please give her my address!).

Today’s secret revealed…you don’t have to ruin your evening with doing the chores you don’t like, you have earned the right to relax and enjoy the down-time…they will be waiting for you when you are ready!

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