Christmas Goodies!

Growing up, my Mom was famous for the goodies she always gave to the teachers & office staff at our school…so I am doing my very best to follow in her footsteps.  I decided to give 3 of my favorites…they are the kind that are easy to make and you can’t eat just one (my hips are already showing the evidence!).  One of the recipes is from my mom (snowball cookies, aka wedding cookies) and 2 are from my mother-in-law (pine bark & candied pecans).  I added a 4th recipe, my favorite sugar cookies (another of MIL’s recipes), to complete the recipe card printable!

Here is the printable pdf: goodies_recipe_cards

The snowball cookies, candied pecans, & sugar cookies are all pretty straight forward, but I thought I would post pictures of each phase of the pinebark making…it is easy, don’t be alarmed!  I just think what it looks like at the different stages will be helpful to know that ‘you’re doing it right’ 😉  Not to mention that in my “Cooking in Chaos” world, this is the only one I remembered to take pictures of LOL.


So, if you are reading the recipe…that is each stage, in order.  I especially thought what the butter & brown sugar look like when they combine and what it should look like when it comes out of the oven would be most helpful.  Before spreading the chocolate chips, they should appear glossy…if you are as patient as I am (insert sarcasm), then you will want to stick it back in the oven for a few seconds after you pour on the chocolate chips…MAKE SURE YOUR OVEN IS OFF!!!  IF IT IS ON THE CHOCOLATE MAY BURN…ICK!  That’s why I love the mini chips…they melt much faster & are easier to spread.


The finished goodies!  I just knew y’all were dying to see Cousin It’s twin daughters!

The jars I used are from Wally-World…only $4 and I loved the ‘vintage look’ they have…they remind me of the old Hoosier jars.  I made the little tags & used my 3 inch scalloped edge punch like this one.

Today’s secret revealed…I don’t take the Christ out of Christmas…not even in text messages.

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Christmas Goodies! — 3 Comments

  1. OMG!!! The Pine Bark is awesome! We make it every year except my mom has always called them Soda Cracker Bars….soooo tasty!!