I Need a Work-out Buddy

Both literally & figuratively…I’m REALLY bad at self-discipline.  That is the ‘character word of the month’ for the boys’ school…SELF-DISCIPLINE.  I really need to lead by example…maybe I should email the guidance teacher and ask her to send me her curriculum on this topic…surely I could make something intended for a first grader work.  I am so bad at this on so many levels…it is really what all of the issues I have with house keeping, fitness, & diet boil down to.  I can effectively talk myself out of most any task.  I don’t like self-help books, or Dr. Phil…so I’m gonna have to figure this one out on my own. 

I am motivated by results…so maybe focusing on one small area is the way to go.  Maybe my BFF will be my ‘workout buddy’…maybe we can get together, make a list of what we want to accomplish & ask each other about our progress during our daily chats.  Maybe I need a big board to hang in my laundry room that has my goals on it, so I can check them off.

What motivates you?  If anyone out there has suggestions on how I can do this…PLEASE comment with your suggestions!

Today’s secret revealed…I need a reward system for my goals, like those jeans I’ve been wanting for 2 years…if I can get down to say a 27, then I get to buy them.  I need to think of a reward for house keeping efforts…

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I Need a Work-out Buddy — 2 Comments

  1. My secret to never missing a workout is just do it! Don’t say you are going to work out 5 days a week. Say I am going to work out everyday and take Tuesdays off (or whatever day works for you.) I do this with house cleaning too. If I didn’t feed the fish every Monday and Thursday, I don’t think I would ever remember to get around do it! Good luck 🙂

    • Thanks for the suggestions…very good ones! I will assign certain tasks to certain days, then have my dailies, too.