I Live in a Small Town…

I can breathe in a small town…this city loving girl is totally digging living the small town life.  Maybe it is because I grew up in a small town that I am loving it so much.  I have lived in pretty big cities for the last decade, PHX & ATL…you know they’re big because you don’t have to write the whole name for everyone to recognize it LOL.  I love to go eat at Warren’s Grill, it is inside the gas station about a mile from my house.  This ain’t QT people…it is a small town gas station.  The fella sittin behind the gas register will come to the aid of a young lady who appears to be having trouble with filling her gas can (that ‘young lady’ would be me…my manly husband ran out of gas on the lake…even though I told him he better check it before heading out).  The ladies cooking…Miss Caroline & Miss Christine (all ladies are ‘Miss’ in the South regardless of marital status) make the best chili dog with slaw that I’ve possibly ever had.  Those hot dogs remind me of the ones from the Dairy Queen in West Union when I was just a tiny little thing…it was the place I had my first french fry…Mom & Grannie nearly had a wreck watching me eat it, or so I’ve been told :).  The hot dogs at that Dairy Queen are still good, but not like they used to be…no where near as good as the ones at Warren’s.  How fitting I find it that it is mine & Emma’s thing…to go to Warren’s to have a hot dog, fries, & sweet tea…heaven!  Everyone at Warren’s knows Emma, she’s quite the little ham…they ooo&aah over her and she bats her lashes and kisses her Momma…sweet when she wants to be.  Mom joins in on our little lunches when she visits…if only Grannie were here…4 generations of chili dog WITH slaw eaters…there are exactly 4 stools at the counter, it would be too perfect. 

There is plenty I miss about city life…and if I really want to taste the city life, I head to Charlotte…it is super close, like 15 minutes LOL…but this feels so far away from it.  I like that.

Today’s secret revealed…this is the first place I have lived in a loooooong time that interstate driving isn’t a part of my daily routine…I don’t miss traffic…at all.

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