Embrace it!

As I have mentioned before…40 is not far off for me, my 30’s are winding down.  I am not sad, depressed, or concerned (except about my metabolism coming to a screeching halt)…mentally, I am totally fine with it. 

Today is my bestie’s birthday…let’s just say that she’s a little ahead of me ;)…we talked yesterday about our age & what it means…we are totally on the same page!  Whatever age we are is FABULOUS because we are FABULOUS (yes, that’s me tooting my own horn).  I have never been happier in my life, every single day seems to get even a little bit better…I can’t imagine how great it will be as my 40’s come to a close. 

I don’t worry with the trivial little dramas of life.  I have chosen to forgive any grudges I have had…washed myself of the weight of it all.  I don’t necessarily do these things for others, but I do them for ME.  I have found that I create my happiness.

I am blissfully happy in my marriage…that doesn’t mean that my husband doesn’t make me completely crazy sometimes…it means that making me crazy is part of the journey…nothing is perfect & if you think it is, you are probably gonna be disappointed.  See, Nester’s motto (which I have adopted as my mantra) applies to life, not just decor… It Doesn’t Have to be Perfect to be Beautiful!  Do my 4 little monkeys tap dance on my nerves?  Of course they do!  They are 7, 5, 5, & 2!  That is pretty much their job description.  They also bring me more joy than I ever thought possible…even when I feel like I’m gonna explode like a volcano. 

What is dragging down your happiness?  What is stopping you from fixing it?  If it is a relationship that is less than ‘ideal’…are you be ready to let go of the issues?  Reach out, try your best to address the issue…even if the other person is not ‘there’ yet, you will feel so much better by being willing to let go of the bad.  You really can CHOOSE to be happy :).

Today’s secret revealed…the girls weekend was a smashing success!  It amazed me how I hadn’t seen some of those girls in over 20 years…and we didn’t even miss a beat…picked up right where we left off, like I saw & talked to them all of the time.  I can’t wait until next time!

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