Confidence…Where Art Thou?

I promised myself that when I reached 100,000 visits that I would take the ‘next step’ with this blog.  A small step towards making this more than just a place I can exercise my creative side.  I would like it to be a financially self-sustaining entity.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t spend much keeping these ‘doors’ open…but I do spend a little.  I would like to break even (baby-steps). 

My biggest problem is fear…I need to step outside of my comfort zone and do what I need to do.  BUT I’M SCARED!  This really is not a plea for money…I am sharing how I feel…I’m sure I’m not alone.  Your fear may not be blog related…but what are you not doing because you are scared???

The shy little girl inside me is in charge, she needs to be sent to time-out by the confident big girl that I know is in here somewhere.

Today’s secret revealed…I think all of the above is a big enough reveal, I am going to muster up the courage I need…I hope that by putting this ‘out there’ that it makes me stay accountable to myself.

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