Not Just Sunday Dinner…

Easter Sunday Dinner.  My wheels are spinning with what to serve.  The Garden Guru and The Laundry Fairy (aka Uncle Tim & Aunt ‘Chelle) will be joining us for our annual Masters viewing party.  It is not really a party, more like us having a good excuse to hang out together…it was an annual tradition before we moved to Arizona, we took a few years off, but picked right up where we left off when we moved back.  This is the weekend that you know Spring is really here to stay.  If you haven’t watched The Masters, golf fan or not, you should check it out to witness the beauty of that course…Spring in the South is magnificent.

Back to the task at hand…planning dinner for Easter Sunday.  I am thinking of doing my Grannie’s traditional Easter dinner…ham, deviled eggs, green beans with red potatoes, mac and cheese (probably in the crock pot), and Aunt Lela’s coconut pie…it wouldn’t be complete without Lela’s pie (or Lee-ler as it was pronounced).  I don’t have her actual recipe, but found this over at Stacey Snacks…can’t believe she is a Jersey girl! 

I can taste it now!  Can’t wait to make these (the recipe makes 2!).  Here is what it looks like in the pie dish, just so you know what to expect.  Take a long stroll through Stacey’s blog…she has LOTS of wonderful recipes.

Today’s secret revealed…I am so happy to finally be able to complete the Easter table with this pie I remember so well…always present at Easter and any Family Reunion, Aunt Lela would be happy I found this…Grannie, too.


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Not Just Sunday Dinner… — 2 Comments

  1. Awww. for some reason this makes me teary! It’s a wonderful thing to have traditions, helps to bridge the generations for those here, and passed. You are right they are smiling down from heaven, and loving that you are carrying it on! You are AWESOME!!!!!

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