My Next Obsession?

I have been holding out on painting a desk for my future ‘sewing room’ (no progress there), because I have wanted so badly to try Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint.  My major holdback was the price of the paint…more than the desk cost me, and I just couldn’t justify it in my mind.  I came across this picture on Pinterest:

I literally GASPED…”DIY Chalk Paint…say it ain’t so!”.  The recipe is so simple, and the vaseline technique is going to be awesome!  I cannot wait to try this, and of course all of you will get a full report!  Why haven’t I already started?  Well, my kids are all in Vacation Bible School for 3 hours each morning this week…if I want to get this house purged of toys and back in a functioning order, I have to FOCUS!  That is why I did not post on Tuesday, and why this one is sooooo brief. 

Enjoy your final days of summer, I know some of your kiddos have already started back to school.  We have a few more weeks, but it has flown by!

Today’s secret revealed…my immediate reaction was to get a lovely turquoise to paint that desk, but then my mind wandered to several other colors…including grey.  What do y’all think???  Give me some color suggestions!

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My Next Obsession? — 25 Comments

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