Mid-Year Home Goal Evaluation

Well, this is a bit beyond the mid-year point, but that is par for this course…better late than never.  I just read my Year of Improvement post from January…I laid out 4 goals for my home…none of which I have completed at this point.  I am even behind on the laundry and dishes as I write…trying to soak up these last days of summer. 

The sofa is much, much worse.  Some decisions have been made, we are going to replace it…and DH is finally on board with it happening.  We have set a rough budget, and have decided to go with leather.  His view is that with a cloth sofa, the first day is as good as it will ever look (he’s right)…but with leather (not pleather), it will patina and look better with some age (provided my children don’t rip the leather).  Here is the massive rip in our sofa today 🙁

Honestly, I thought after 6 months of the kids walking, jumping and wrestling that it would be much worse.

I still have no curtains in the kitchen or family room…I’m not so sure I want to tackle that sewing project on my own.  With the investment into the fabric, I don’t want to mess it up.  I might use O&L’s room as my trial.  There is only one window in there, so not too much fabric would need to be purchased…I will probably hold out for a clearance remnant.

As for the drop zone…I “settled” for a bar closet.  After close consideration, I realized that with the “smart panel” and alarm brain, the drop zone wasn’t gonna work.  I still need to figure out a spot for the kiddos to drop their stuff…the shoes are still making me CRAZY!  I make everyone that comes over look at the bar closet…it is too cool!  In case you forgot, here is what it looks like…its okay to be a little jealous of his mad skills ;).

 Last, but certainly not least on my project list was Em’s room.  While it is not finished completely, some progress has been made…I made the ‘roman shade’

and a bolster pillow

That was January & February, respectively…no progress since :(.  I am on a quest for the perfect pink sheets, but I like a bargain & full size sheets are hard to come by. 

Now that I have reviewed my goals, I am feeling a bit motivated.  My boys go back to school in 2 weeks, so I (in theory) should have a little time to devote to the home projects.

Today’s secret revealed…I have chosen my paint colors for my desk makeover…I went with a soft grey and deep turquoise…I can’t wait to see how this turns out!!!

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