My New-ish Desk

Actually my new-ish sewing table.  One of my 2011 Home Goals was to transform the upstairs of my closet from storage space to craft/sewing room.  Well, it is still just a catch-all-company’s comin’-storage space…but I now have a sewing table that will ultimately go there.  For now, the dining room continues to be my ‘creative space’…at least it is easily accessible for now LOL.  Here is the before, I almost forgot to take a picture…

I decided on a deep turquoise base with a soft greige overall, distressing off the greige to allow the turquoise to peak through.  I have always loved the color turquoise, it is my birthstone…maybe that explains my slight obsession.

I did not take step by step pictures, as I followed this tutorial for HOMEMADE CHALK PAINT flit on over there to get the step-by-step how-to.  One very valuable tip I did learn during this process:  Lowe’s is converting all of their Valspar paint to “paint + primer”…this DOES NOT WORK for this formula!  You must have just paint NO PRIMER in it.  Got that?  Good, it will save you a trip back to Lowe’s (or your paint supplier of choice).  Another tip:  be sure to mix the plaster of paris with the water until it is smooth…no lumps.  The lumps will not blend in to the paint.  The consistency you are looking for in your chalk paint is like pudding.

Here is a close up of the front drawer of my finished desk…

You can’t really appreciate the shade of greige in these pictures…the sun comes blazing through those windows.  It is lovely.

This desk has a keyboard drawer, not ideal for a sewing table…but hey, it was like $25 bucks off our local version of craigslist.  I decided to add a bit of interest by painting the inside of the drawer just the turqoise…I really love the way it turned out!

And here is Martha, my sewing machine, sitting on her new perch!  I don’t have a good excuse for not hemming up my Hudson’s now, with Martha out and easily accessible.

What do you think?  I really LOVE the way it turned out! 

Today’s secret revealed…do not confuse CHALK PAINT with CHALKBOARD PAINT…they are totally different!  You can check out Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint to find out more.  I don’t have a stockist convenient to me…and I didn’t want to spend $40 for a quart of paint to experiment with.  If I were refinishing something important…I would maybe invest in the ASCP.  This really worked well for this project!  Can’t wait to find another to try!!!

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My New-ish Desk — 3 Comments

  1. Chalk paint, thanks for your comment about lowes paint with primer NOT WORKING with chalk paint recipe. I could not figure out why mine was getting so thick and could not get through my little project. I may have never known otherwise…. I never ever use paint and primer… Lowes snuck that in on me but not again….thanks girl!