All you need is love…and some fab recipes!

I’ve been promising the recipes for my special Valentine’s Day dinner for two…it was so delicious!  I’m not sure what my favorite part was…the bisque was so thick & creamy…the filet was utter perfection…the jalapeno hollandaise was sinfulicious…and the asparagus was the perfect side.  There are no pictures of the masterpiece dinner, no time for them…that’s what happens when you have 4 kids to get to bed & a hungry Valentine ;).  I do, however, have pictures of what I did with the very small amount of left-overs from my plate (hubby’s was licked clean LOL).

This would make a wonderful brunch (well it made a wonderful brunch…for me…today).

I had some lovely crimini mushrooms, so I sliced them thinly & sauteed with a bit of olive oil & some garlic.  Then, once the mushrooms were cooked, I tossed in the little bit of leftover asparagus and thinly sliced the tiny square of filet.

I know…decadent, delicious,  divine…and it is a random Wednesday!  Next I whisked 2 eggs together and poured onto my hot, buttered cast-iron griddle pan (it was my Grannie’s…fabulously ‘seasoned’ NOTHING sticks to this bad boy!).

Swirl the eggs to make a thin coat over the pan…then I use my handy-dandy ultra thin spatula-turner thingy.

You will want the eggs to be pretty set on top, so they don’t drip when you flip :).

See, perfect!  Now top it with some cheese (I used a slice of Havarti today, but whatever you have will do), and then add the leftover goodies!

Now, use the spatula to fold over the edge…

The thin, longness of this tool is the key for me…I’ve tried it with regular spatulas & I tear the omelet almost every time…I’m not quite talented enough to do the flip in the air ‘chef style’…but working on it.  Now roll it on over…

And to the plate!

I don’t know about you, but I’m sitting here writing this…with this very plate sitting in front of me…empty…drooling all over again.  It would have been way over the top if I had some fresh jalapeno hollandaise to drizzle over (you can’t reheat that sauce…it’s only fault, I assure you)…and perhaps a mimosa on the side!  If it weren’t brunch for one, I probably would’ve done it…but couldn’t indulge me, alone that much ;).

So I hope everyone had a fabulous Valentine’s Day!  Here are the recipes for the decadent dinner for two!  They are a printable pdf…ENJOY!

Today’s secret revealed…Love is all you need…not fancy cards & flowers…not even a new bike.

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