My Mom Drives a Stick…or So My Kids Think

We have a special Halloween tradition in my family…my Mom, a.k.a. Witchy Winnie, crash lands on her broom at our house.  This wasn’t so complicated when we lived in Arizona, she crashed into our foyer every year…it was hilarious…and the kids LOVED it!  Last year, sometime in September, my oldest asked Mimi if her broom was going to make it all the way to our new house (kids never forget fun stuff like this!)…he got a little emotional about the possibility that the broom didn’t have enough ‘magic’ to get that far…so she hung up & bought a plane ticket.  The Friday before Halloween, the boys got off of the bus…they found a mysterious bag with various items strewn about the yard…then they heard a call “HELP!  I’m stuck…can you help me get down?”…there she was in all of her witchy glory…

On the roof!  She tossed candy to them, and the kids had to help her figure out how to get down…and then find her boots (notice no shoes in the picture).  We burned that broom, with sparklers stuck in it…we told the kids that if the fire sparked, there was still some magic and the broom would be back…I hope no one thinks we’re weirdos…this isn’t much different than our Elf on the Shelf tradition (the elf flies to the North Pole, Mimi flies here)…not sinister in anyway…she is a good witch :).  This even got some media coverage in Phoenix…they interviewed her over the phone for one of the Morning News shows.

So, the broom is getting revved up…the landing zone is going to be the ‘pumpkin patch’.  I planted several pumpkins in the spring, but the squash bugs killed them…now I’m resorting to planting candy pumpkins to “grow” real pumpkins (we’ve done this in the past)…it is a fun tradition, too.  We’re thinking of some fireworks to announce her arrival…another bonus of living in South Carolina, you can buy fireworks anytime of year.

The house is getting ready, I’ve added some Halloween decor…still need a little more.

My ‘funkin’ dressed up with upholstery tacks (thanks PINTEREST!)…

I’m loving the orange with the turquoise…such a versatile color!

Today’s secret revealed…E thinks that you can really plant candy pumpkins and grow real pumpkins overnight…I love that he still believes in the magic of childhood…it will be a difficult day for me when he no longer believes.  The drawback…I have to explain this to his teacher because he wants to take some dirt in a cup and show her how we grow real pumpkins from candy…oops!

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