Kitchen Clock…tick…tock

I have confessed my Pinterest addiction…I’m amazed that I have strayed away from it long enough to complete a project.  The very first day that I succombed to the power of Pinterest, I found this clock…I knew I had to have one, at least something similar…with my own twist.  I hopped over to ebay, luck must have been on my side…I found the exact clock…I held my breath, waiting for the auction to end…SCORE!  I got it with a winning bid of $13!  I did the happy dance!  Here is the pic from ebay:

Yeah, not exactly ready to hang LOL…and it is plastic…ewwwww.  So I headed to Lowe’s for some spray paint.  I found just the shade of turquoise I was looking for “tropical oasis” in Valspar’s spray paint line (they have great colors…and I wish Lowe’s was paying me to say that 😉 ).

I recruited my husband to show me how to spray paint properly…believe it or not this was my first spray painting adventure.  I did all of the spray painting outside, and no pics…I didn’t want to risk getting overspray on my camera.  Here is what it looked like when I brought it in.  To protect the face of the clock, we loosened the bolt holding the hands & face in place…then I wrapped it up in one of my favorite household items, Glad Press & Seal. I used wads of Press & Seal to elevate the face, too.

See, I almost forgot to take a post-spray paint, pre-antiquing glaze picture.  I had to use the ebay picture because I totally forgot the ‘before’ shot…until I was done with the 2nd coat :).  I let the spray paint dry overnight before starting the antiquing glaze process.  I slathered it on…and wiped it off…you remember my tips on antiquing glaze, right?  I didn’t take any pics of that, either…I had the glaze all over my hands!  I really need an assistant…volunteers???

And the results…I LOOOOOOOVE it!

And another angle, so you can see a little more detail…

And here is the wall…you might remember my ‘risky’ post about the rolling pin.

Today’s secret revealed…one major thing I learned about spray painting…clean the surfaces to be spray painted…BEFORE beginning…the dust in the crevices just added to the ‘charm’ when I started antiquing…but it could’ve been a disaster on another project.

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  2. I love the clock AND all your projects!! Wish you had been living in Lake Wylie when I was in York!!! I would have loved to have been your assistant!! I’d have learned and acquired many, many skills esp.being the hands on learner that I am.

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