Cooking in High Heels

Well, yesterday was my 9th Wedding Anniversary with my VERY FUNNY husband. I was flitting around my kitchen and he said “I would love to see this in heels”…so I obliged. Hey, I know it wasn’t comfy (though my very stylish jammies were!), and I wasn’t properly accessorized…but sometimes you just have to be spontaneous. Considering only one of my four young children were in bed for the night, I did not entertain his pearls, apron & heels fantasy (a la Ron Burgandy). Maybe that is why I find this marriage blissful…most of the time…we do silly things like cooking in heels just to entertain each other. His entertainment involves neither cooking, nor heels…but is much more frequent than mine. Living with this man is truly like living with a stand-up comedian. Where he comes up with all of it, I can’t understand…I guess it is like a musician (I don’t understand how their brains work like that!)…but he keeps me & anyone else with enough of a clue laughing fairly continuously. Now, I am not trying to say that life is perfect in this marriage…Lord knows we have our moments (we are both very strong-willed & stubborn)…but our rule is never go to sleep angry…so far so good!

So here is to all of you, married less or longer…take a walk on the spontaneous side!

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