Holiday Home Tour 2010

Welcome!  This is a mini-tour of my home dressed up for Christmas.  I have had so much fun decorating this year…I think mostly because it is the first year in our new home…back in the South-land! 

Belfie, our ‘elf on the shelf’ wanted to be the first to say ‘Hello’…this is one of his favorite spots to perch, flown back to this spot at least three times ;).  The furry wreath (thanks Nester!) does look quite comfy!  I have gone a little crazy with the left-over fur from this little project…I made a pair of trees that ended up looking much more like Cousin It’s twin daughters than trees…I also used the big scrap as the tree skirt for the tree up in the archway above our fireplace.  Belfie even made a stop up there…see he does like the fur, probably reminds him of Santa.

Now, my Christmas Cards have been my ‘signature’ Christmas item…not my decorating, so here is the front of our 2010 card, I can’t believe how big the kids are getting!  This was taken in our back yard…yep, we have a really cool, very photogenic barn right behind us…kind of a photographer’s dream!  Have I mentioned I love my new home?!?

On with the tour!  I tried to take several pictures to give y’all an idea of our home…so here we go!

My ducks…because we’re the Ducks…my Grannie’s pitcher filled with poinsetta’s (because they remind me of her)…the bells my Mom gave me that Grannie gave her, that someday I will give to Em…and that little crabby, just because I think he is so cool!

I hope you’ve enjoyed your mini-tour!  My family would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas!

Up next…Christmas goodies!  A quick sneak peak…Pine Bark…YUMMMMM!

Thanks for hosting Nester! 


Today’s secret revealed…don’t forget the REASON for the SEASON (I know you’ve heard it, but I had to say it!).

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Holiday Home Tour 2010 — 3 Comments

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  2. I wanted to make the fur wreath too but I couldn’t find the fur. Where did you get it? I plan on making them for next year.

    • I got it at Mary Jo’s in Gastonia, NC…you can buy it online! HERE! You only need a half yard and will have left-overs!