Super Bowl Party…Part I

I think everyone knows I love college football…pro, not so much.  I do, however, love a fun Super Bowl party (who doesn’t).  I am really trying to care about this match-up…my husband is pretty much like me when it comes to pro football.  He asked me last Saturday ‘how good are you at faking it?’  I was puzzled, to say the least.  He proceeded to explain that Georgia’s bowl game left him completely unfulfilled…and watching the BCS Championship alone in Peru, well it was less than ideal.  He and I decided that we would choose an AFC and an NFC  team to put our collective football enthusiasm behind for the play-offs.  One of them came through for us, so that is who we are pulling for on Super Bowl Sunday…without telling, their logo is VERY familiar to us ;).  So, I am mustering as much enthusiasm as I can to watch these teams battle for who will reign supreme…it IS football, after all…and like pizza, even when it’s bad, it is still kinda good…and August is a looooooong way away.

One thing to contemplate, regardless of if you are hosting or a guest at the party, is WHAT TO WEAR.  You want to be comfortable, but chic…casual, but fabulous…supportive of your team, without making a huge fashion blunder (step away from the ginormous sweatshirt and jersey).  I am going to enlighten you with some fabulous finds from Blake & Brady boutique.  They are in downtown Anderson, SC…but no worries if you aren’t local…visit their facebook page, find what you like…they ship it right to your door!  Their customer service is OUTSTANDING!  You can be in one of these outfits in time for the big bash.  Pretend I’m (with a little help from the girls at B&B) your personal shopper/stylist :).

Jeans…you simply can’t go wrong with a great pair of jeans.  The right pair will be comfortable AND totally flattering.  You can dress them up or dress ’em down…I love jeans… 

The first look, really can go either way…if you are a Steelers fan, I would say it leans your way more.

Now, if you want to be bold…the following  looks utilize the same key piece…a FABULOUS jacket.  Conveniently both of the teams have yellow in common, which is very on trend.  Think of the future post-Super Bowl possibilites with this jacket…simple white tee, fabulous accessories…totally chic!  I heart this jacket!

…and can you get more comfortable than leggings???  Not unless you’re in your jammies (like I said, step away from the ginormous sweatshirt!).  These 3 looks totally satisfy my “3 C’s of fashion”…Current, Comfortable, & Confident. 

Thanks to the fabulous Jennifer for not only putting these looks together, but modeling them too!

What are you wearing Super Bowl Sunday???

Today’s secret revealed…when you’re having your picture taken, don’t forget ‘the pose’!  Yes, candid & natural is awesome…but when you go to post them on facebook, you’ll thank me for reminding you to stand up straight, suck it in & put the hand closest to the camera on your hip (makes it look slimmer…who knew!?!).

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Super Bowl Party…Part I — 2 Comments

  1. Hi! I just found your adorable blog via Amanda’s Weekend Bloggy Reading party and so glad I stopped by. I am in SC (but on the other side of the state from Anderson in Florence).

    We are still debating on what to do for Superbowl but I will take your fashion suggestions to heart! LOL Please stop by Southern Somedays and say hi!!!