Super Bowl Party…Part III

Finally…let’s talk about the drinks! My former Mexican theme was really driven by the drink recipe I’m about to share…I know many of you are dying to know the secret of the ANKarita. What is an ANKarita? Well it is the most delicious version of a margarita that will ever hit your lips. Why is it called an ANKarita? Well that is a bit of a story…

My step-dad, aka Pappy, came up with this concoction & it needed a name. This was a few years ago, I believe the twins were around 3 years old…Luke has quite the little attitude at times, and when he would get angry at someone…he called them an ‘ANK’…I think this was his own little cuss word. I can see it playing out in my head: Daddy & the boys wrestling, Luke rears back and whacks his Dad while saying (through a laugh) ‘take that you ANK!’. So the ANKarita was born. He doesn’t really say ANK anymore, but his phrase lives on LOL. Now he says things like ‘awwww, tartar sauce’ or ‘you jelly!’ (can you say Spongebob?).

Now, this recipe is for a half-gallon of mixer…you add the tequila & orange liquer ‘to taste’ & at your own risk LOL. ***CAUTION this mixer is so divine & disguises the potency of the liquor…it will sneak up on ya!

Because I’m not sure that the ANKarita really melds with my theme (it IS South-western though 😉 )…& I have been known to drink them with many different food fares…you can’t go wrong with beer (duh!) OR my very favorite summertime adult beverage: SWEET TEA VODKA (has to be FireFly vodka) and lemonade (splurge & get the good stuff!)…I call it an Arnold Palmer with a kick (you decide how big the kick is 😉 ).  It just screams summertime, so it would really help counteract this gloomy weather we’re having…watch this one, too…you won’t even realize you’re having an adult beverage!

PLEASE remember to drink responsibly!  No drinking & driving!

Download the printable version of the recipe cards here…ENJOY!

For my friends in the South…home of ‘Blue Laws’, don’t forget to get your drink supplies by Saturday (before 7pm!)…for my friends in AZ, we can’t buy alcohol here on Sundays…or after 7pm anyday…AND we have to go to a liquor store…no liquor in the grocery here…talk about havin’ to get used to something LOL.

Today’s secret revealed…the ANKarita recipe is the secret ;)!

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Super Bowl Party…Part III — 28 Comments

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