I don’t know what this lingering desire for color is…is it the winter blahs or maybe spring fever?  My last home utilized lots of color…in the form of paint on my walls, I can think of 9 different wall colors.  My new house, that I love, has only 2 different wall colors…and it is considerably larger than my former home.  My entire home, less the 2 walls of the dining room (it’s an open floor plan), is a light-ish khaki…crisp khaki or southern sand, to be exact.  Those 2 walls of the dining room are an amazing shade of pea-ish green…I love that color!  I don’t know if I love it because it is so fabulous, or because it is the only ‘color’ LOL.

I really want to repaint my master bedroom…I’m afraid my darling husband may have me committed if I so much as suggest we paint.  See, we bought this house from a local bank…not quite ‘as-is’, but we didn’t get it in tip-top shape, either…the price you pay (or don’t 😉 ).  So to say that we went through some difficulty with touching up the paint to make it presentable…well, that is a gross understatement.  I still have a spot on my ceiling that I have yet to get paint that matches…incredibly long story, that ended with me telling my husband to stop looking up!  *sigh*  I really can’t believe that I’m even considering painting to be quite honest.  I know that painting is relatively inexpensive, fairly simple, and not horribly time-consuming (if you have the ‘right’ paint, of course). 

I really want to make myself deal with the overall khakiness of my home in new, creative ways…that don’t involve repainting walls.  I have been weaving in accessories, but I’m not ‘there’ yet.  In my kitchen and informal dining I have pops of red.  My family room is coming together with splashes of turquoise, my current obsession…I think it has something to do with it being my birthstone, but I am so digging turquoise…in my wardrobe & decorating.  It is amazing with the khaki.  I am even thinking about branching out and mixing in some of the turquoise with the reds in the kitchen…thoughts?  anyone? 

This is the mantle in our family room…I am trying to use the turquoise effectively, without going overboard with it.  I have similar ‘splashes’ on the bookcases that flank the fireplace on both sides.  On a different note, do you think it is wrong that the large picture above the fireplace includes only 2 of my 4 children? (it is the twins…I took this on a trip to San Diego…I loved this fountain).

Today’s secret revealed…I’m trying to step out of my box and find the new me…choosing a path I’ve never taken before, working with the wall color I have.

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