The W.A.C.

I’m not talking about football…yet :).  I’m talking about the newly dubbed Wednesday Afternoon Club (thanks for the fun moniker Sandy!…I thought she was saying Wine And Cheese on the text where the name originated lol). 

I left Arizona a year ago, and beyond my momma, I left behind a very fabulous group of girls…that I really, really enjoyed spending time with.  It took me six years to find a great group that I could hang-out with…I vowed to myself that I would not take that long in my new town.  I moved into a nearly deserted neighborhood…there were 7 houses when we moved in…one other occupied.  Now there are 8 homes, only 1 remains vacant :). 

When that 8th house was being built, I prayed EVERY DAY that whoever was building would have kids (preferably my kids’ ages) and that they would be ‘cool’.  Me & the kids needed playmates!  My prayers were answered :).  Then, via the Stella & Dot network…a new friend moved to town…from Arizona…to my new town in South Carolina…crazy small world!  

So, the W.A.C. was born…we meet up every Wednesday afternoon…the mom’s get some adult conversation…and the kids run around like a bunch of Banshees.  Our little group grows every week…I invite everyone I can think of, what ladies don’t need some quality ‘girl talk’?!?  I knew this was going to be a continued successful gathering when all of the kids told each other “See you next Wednesday” as they departed…I totally (heart) that!

Today’s secret revealed:  I’m really quite proud of myself for pulling this together!

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