Menu Woes

I know, it may seem odd…so many of my posts involve cooking and recipes.  I have quite possibly the pickiest eater on earth…thank the Lord above only 1 out of my 4 are picky.  I have 2 basic choices when menu planning:  #1-make something everyone likes or #2-be a short order chef.  I would prefer #1.  I came across something on Pinterest that has me pretty motivated…

I was actually hoping for 30 recipes, but I got something better!  The concept is to have 30 ‘go-to’ recipes that your family will eat (I think the idea is recipes everyone loves, but I’m taking baby steps here).  The ladies at Nannygoat suggest a binder and other great tips for keeping meals organized.  I was excited!  Until I sat down to make a list of recipes I know everyone likes…I got to 4 and that was it.  So now I’m on a quest to find recipes to try.  I have some idea of what E will and will not eat…he is on board with trying, which is a step in the right direction.  I love the idea of trying a new recipe with the family and everyone rating it together.

So here is my call for help…what is a recipe that EVERYONE in your house LOVES???  Please share them with me!

Today’s secret revealed…90% of the recipes I have featured on here are not “E approved”…but they are M & T approved ;).

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Menu Woes — 30 Comments

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