My Version of Fusion

Maybe this will sound dated, but Asian Fusion cuisine is spectacular.  After a weekend family trip to Costco, we splurged for an adults-only dinner…the kids (3 of them anyway) like seafood so-so…I found it unnecessary to include them in our treat…they got Costco pizza (which, if you haven’t tried it…probably my top 3 pizzas, so good…and cheap!).  We purchased langostinos (so RedLobster a la 1978) and large diver scallops.  Darling Husband wanted me to do them all in this cajun-y cream sauce that I sorta made up…but I wanted to try something a little different with a few of the scallops.  I chose 6 big ones for my appetizer course.  I don’t have step-by-step pics for you today, but for this little method I really don’t think they are necessary.

I poured some ginger soy dressing in a shallow dish, and rolled the scallops in the dressing.  I heated a stainless skillet over medium high heat…I wanted it smoking hot!  I drizzled in a bit of olive oil and a smidge of sesame oil (so fragrant).  When it was screaming hot, I carefully placed each scallop in…it made a HUGE mess…oil popping everywhere…so worth the mess.  I let them cook 2ish minutes on each side (I didn’t force them, let them cook until they ‘release’).  While they finished up, I tossed a bag of shelled edammame into the microwave to steam.  I dressed the edammame with chili garlic sauce (you can find it in a little jar with the asian foods, that is what it is called…chili garlic sauce) and a teensy bit of sesame oil, tossing them around.  I laid the finished scallops on top.  It is visually stunning, I think…and as delicious as it looks!

I hope you will try this!

Today’s secret revealed…I try really hard to avoid Costco on the weekend…but DH wanted to go, so we went.  It was crazy crowded!  We shut it down lol.


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