Spring is in the Air

Literally…a fine, yellow blanket of powdery pollen covers EVERYTHING…A-A-Choo! Despite that, this is one of my favorite times of the year. ¬†Everything is coming to life…trees are budding, flowers are blooming (well, except my daffodils ūüôĀ ), and the animals are stirring (even frogs &¬†snakes EEK!).

My garden is cleared out and ready to be planted…we sodded large chunks of our yard…and I am itching to get some new flowering bushes (roses, gardenias ¬†& peonies). ¬†I plan to work in the yard with some help from my monkeys during our Spring Break next week.¬† This is Em’s idea of ‘helping’ with the sod…my princess and her frog.

Today’s secret revealed…last spring we remulched all of our beds…right after my colorful array of daffodils had bloomed (pink, white & traditional yellow). ¬† I told DH we needed to leave the remaining stems & leaves to “feed” the bulbs…Johnny Patience whacked them all down an guess what happened…no blooms this year, only stems :(.

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Spring is in the Air — 2 Comments