One More Day!

This is our last day of Spring Break, so rather than toil over a post today, I am going to hang with my kiddos!  Excuse the brief post :). 

Easter Dinner was a smashing success!  I made some super yummy mac ‘n cheese, from  Deceptively Delicious, I tweaked it to use whole wheat pasta and flour…and a few other little changes that I will soon share ;).

We were joined for dinner by our dear friend Lisa and her precious grandson Tyndall…I got my baby fix, complete with a surprise emergency bath :).  Miss Lisa insisted I take a picture of our dinner…before the kids dug in.

Today’s secret revealed…the ‘recipe’ for perfect boiled eggs was not so perfect (I told you I was intimidated) we did the eggs on Friday…the yolks were medium, like they still looked a bit gelatinous…not what you  want for deviled eggs (or ‘angel eggs’ as Owen calls them).  I put them in an oven-safe dish, covered it with foil, and stuck them in with other already cooking items (not sure of the temp).  They eventually became the proper color and appearance, but when mixing the filling for the deviled angel eggs, it was lumpy 🙁 …tasted good, but I wasn’t happy with the texture.  Next time I will cook those eggs for 11 minutes.

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