Working With Whatcha Got

Sunday was a very lazy day around here…we laid around, watched movies, played a little Wii…got nothing constructive done.  It was cool and rainy, perfect day for such laziness.  Of course, a lazy day never means no cooking here.  I peered into my messy fridge, trying to come up with something, anything for lunch…I had some roasted chicken breasts needing to be eaten…what could I do with those???  I decided I would make chicken tacos…with homemade tortillas.  I had been looking for an excuse to try this recipe from 100 Days of Real Food for the tortillas AND I had gotten the masa.  FYI, I tried this with cornmeal…totally didn’t work, you must use masa.  It was quite simple!  My lesson learned:  be sure to let the dough rest!  The first few, I was eager to try & didn’t let it rest for long enough (I would go 15 minutes) and they really stuck once pressed!  I used waxed paper to line my press (because I only had a 2 inch wide strip of plastic wrap).  By the 3rd or 4th one it was working like a charm :).

On to the filling, pure stroke of genius I thought ;)…I shredded the chicken, put it in a skillet, and added the ½ jar of salsa verde I had sitting in the fridge with a smidge of water.  I just let it simmer while I worked on the tortillas…it was fantastic!  Darling Husband loved it, too…kids weren’t in the mood for tacos, certainly not ‘green’ ones :).  I shredded some super sharp cheddar, sliced a cucumber lengthwise, thinly sliced a tomato & a radish, and prepped some arugula & romaine (those last 3 items were from my neighbors garden…yum!).  I added some sour cream to mine…delish!

So next time you are at a loss with what to eat…throw some stuff together, you might just surprise yourself!

Today’s secret revealed…I may spend a day making these tortillas, they are supposed to be great to freeze.  I did have a tortilla press to make them with…I think it would be pretty difficult with out one.

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