Need a New Favorite Cake?

As I was planning the celebratory brunch for E’s First Holy Communion, I asked him what sort of cake he wanted.  His response surprised me…”chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, 3 layers”, without hesitation.  For the record, I have never made him a 3 layer cake, don’t think I’ve ever made him a chocolate/chocolate cake…but that is what he wanted, so that is what he got!  I consulted my favorite online resource for everything…Pinterest.  I had pinned a beautiful, moist looking cake and this was the perfect opportunity to make it.  I told E he could have 2 or 4 layers…he, of course, chose 4.  This is the picture that grabbed my interest…

The only change I made to the recipe from The Little Kitchen, was I subbed chocolate pudding for the vanilla.  I have since made it with vanilla…so wonderfully delicious either way!  This is one of the most moist cakes you will ever try…the coffee in the batter makes the chocolate even better.

Here is my version, I doubled the recipe…this made torting the cake difficult because the layers were so large and the cake is soooooo moist, but we made it work.  This is not my best decorating job, I used Redi-Whip for the cross…FYI, it did not stay fluffy for long, but no one cared because the cake was so scrump-dilli-icious!

Okay, this is probably my worst decorating job EVER, but taste trumped looks.  Here is a shot of it cut…my mouth is literally watering…must fight the urge to make one today!

Word to the wise…go ahead and double the frosting, even for a single recipe cake…you can’t have too much of it!  This is shockingly easy and delicious.  It will be your new signature cake.  It does need to be refrigerated when not being served.

Today’s secret revealed…the biggest problem with this cake is that it is light, and not too sweet or rich…I can eat a half of a cake in one sitting.  My apologies in advance ;).

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Need a New Favorite Cake? — 6 Comments

  1. Hi, Thank you for the lovely awesome recipe, It is nice to find easy to follow like this one online. I love making muffins and hot chutneys for my father in in the cold winter months and ice cream in hot summer days.