Princess Pete’s Bed Is Complete!

My 2012 Home Goal Review gave me a renewed sense of motivation.  I decided Emma’s room was the logical place to focus on…I had already completed a few items (‘roman shade’, bolster pillow, hair bow organizer).  I was ready to finish up the bed.  I have been searching for sheets for her bed for a looooooong time.  The sheets were blue, left over from when E was in a different full-sized bed (way back before we knew a baby girl was in our future).  Her box spring was covered with a matching blue fitted sheet (a great alternative to a dust ruffle…just didn’t want so much blue in the princess room).  I have had the method in my head for a while, I just needed to stop procrastinating and do it!  I measured the box spring and decided I needed fabric 12 inches wide to get the job done.  I have huge lengths of the floral fabric for her room, so I cut one long strip for the whole project…and then cut it in half.

The length of fabric was perfect to cover just the sides, so I skipped the front & back…they aren’t seen anyway ;).  I wanted something different than a bedskirt…although they hide all of the stuff that ends up under the bed.  I love the look of this particular bed…we have called it the “princess bed” ever since I purchased it at an antique shop on Ponce de Leon in Atlanta while we were dating, I didn’t want a bedskirt taking away from the bed.  I flipped the box spring over and got to work with the staple gun (my new friend).

Thankfully with this floral pattern, I didn’t need to use much precision.  This portion took less than 5 minutes per side…the corners were the only thing I needed to remotely think about…totally easy-peasy.

Both sides done…

Next, I flipped the mattress back over to the right side…and heated up my trusty glue gun.  I pulled the fabric straight…not too tight, as I didn’t want the glue to have too much responsibility.

 I glued in sections of 6-8 inches, so the glue was nice and hot when I pressed the fabric down…

 This process went pretty quick, too.  One side down…

Now, the big reveal!  Well, first the sheets…the first sheets I saw that I liked were at Target…the Simply Shabby pink ruffle sheets.  I decided I didn’t want to spend $40 on Target sheets & that I would watch Marshall’s & TJ Maxx for some higher thread count pink sheets.  Well, going on 2 years later…the Simply Shabby sheets are on her bed.  Every time I looked at sheets, I had two problems #1 I never found nice quality in pink and in Full size…#2 when I found a shade of pink that I liked (usually in queen size, which would be to big) I still compared them to the Simply Shabby ones.  I slapped myself and decided to go get the ones at Target…only to find them sold out at the one closest to me (they were no longer available online)…so I had to have them call & find some, put them on hold & drive 25 miles to get them.  One of these days I will learn to go with my gut and buy what I like when I see it.  Here it is!

I’m gonna need to get some sort of basket to use as storage under there…she doesn’t need the bedrails, anyway.  What do you think???  I LOVE IT!  Here’s a closer one of the sheets and the covered box spring…

Okay, so I didn’t iron the sheets…who has time for that?!?  If some awesome magazine wants to feature her bed, I will iron them…but y’all won’t judge me harshly for that, right?  Something the camera my phone & instagram don’t capture is that the quilting on her quilt is cream colored, like the background of the floral fabric.  I love her quilt so much, I wish I had bought it in king size for my room! 

We are getting there!  I want to do a mini gallery wall over & around her bed…and some sort of possibly ruffled addition to the window treatment…I want to add some little birds, in honor of her nickname.

Today’s secret revealed…not sure where the nickname “Princess Pete” came from…I usually call her that when she is in a girlie dress & covered in dirt…she is quite the little tomboy, but loves to be girlie too.  She has several regularly used nicknames, but “Bird” is the most frequently used…she probably thinks it is actually a part of her name :).

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