Anxiety Overridden

I was rediculously anxious about making Em a dress using a pattern…silly me!  I created my pattern pieces using the freezer paper method (and the help of my friend Missy)…I could have just cut out rectangles of fabric using the measurements in my pattern from Little Lizard King, but now I have all of the “puzzle pieces” to make more of them.  I decided on the Elizabeth Claire Peasant Dress, I wanted something that had more shape than the typical peasant dress.

I only had one MAJOR oops…I sewed the fabric together for the skirt on the wrong side…and didn’t discover it until I had already gathered the skirt :(.  How did I make such a heinous error?  It was kinda dark in my dining sewing room (that chandy doesn’t exactly put out bright light), and the fabric didn’t look much different from one side to the other.  Crisis averted…I was able to undo the seams and flip it and resew it without having to redo the gathering (which was my least favorite part of this little project). 

I was finishing this while I should have been packing for our week at Disney…I’m great at avoiding huge tasks with other unneccessary projects.  I’m actually avoiding folding all of the vacation laundry as I write this…this is my most used coping mechanism ;).

Drum roll, please….(I hear Ellen Grizwold in my head, right before the lights don’t come on…)

Em wasn’t overly cooperative for this pic…but I love it…and the dress.  Here is the fabric I am going to make her Christmas dress out of…

It has a coordinating green & cream tiny polka dot to be the border and sash, I’m so excited to start it!  I made a deal with myself that I have to fold Mt. Duckwall first…AND put it away.  I sooooooo want to hide out and make another dress instead.

Today’s secret revealed…I needed more thread to finish this dress, I ran out as I was adding the finishing touches to the sash, I had less than 12 inches of sewing to do.  While shopping for the thread, I ran across some gray and white chevron fabric that is seriously making me think twice about Em’s attire for the Christmas pic.  It was on the remnant table for $5/yard!!!  It is nice twill, so I can use it for clothing…or some random project (like floor pillows…lovely distractions!).

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