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This post is a long time in the making.  Last summer I received an email from the media relations department at eShakti.  At that time I was having some issues with my blog’s email, and I noticed it as I was cleaning my inbox out…my heart rate increased a bit as I read the email.  They were asking me if I would be interested in doing a product review…ME!  This was not a site I was familiar with, which meant (at least in my brain) that they had found me, liked what they saw, and wanted to work with me…very exciting!!!  Our communication took a while to get all of the details hammered out…then I sort of fell off the face of the ‘blogosphere’ during the holidays, while I really focused on my family and enjoying those little moments.

As I was browsing the selections at eShakti (they told me I could order ANYTHING I wanted!), I had such a hard time choosing!  Did I want that one spectacular dress?  A fabulous skirt?  A trendy trench?  I finally decided on a wardrobe staple, and so happy with my choice!

I chose this uber versatile cardigan.  I wear it ALL THE TIME!  I find it to be extremely well made, with fabric that is so nice.  When I shop, I always go by feel first…if the fabric doesn’t feel good, I ain’t buying.  This cardigan also did me the wonderful service of allowing me to wear my leggings with a simple top (not a tunic that covers my ample upper legs 😉 ).  The shape is flattering…and I can dress it up or down.  I have worn this with leggings, skinny jeans, regular jeans…the possibilities are endless. 

This is what I have my eye on from their pre-spring collection…it is a chambray maxi dress.  Again, a super versatile piece!

As stated, eShakti provided me with my choice of their available items.  I inquired about what the expectations of me were…but there were none specific, other than a post about my choice…what I wrote was all up to me positive or negative.  I hope you will check them out, they offer a wide range of sizes and will customize the fit for you.  Happy shopping!

Today’s secret revealed…I hope this is just a taste of what lies ahead for me…I am ready to get back to writing, so I hope y’all are ready to get back to reading!

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