Pardon my excitement, but I am a bit giddy over doing my first ever GIVEAWAY!  I hope this is the first of many!

Let’s talk about the New Year for a moment…resolution time.  I have a short list of resolutions, I try to make them attainable…so as not to beat myself up throughout the new year over my lack of living up to my own lofty expectations.  Last year my ‘me’ resolution was to be more fashionable…nearly 15 years of being a nurse and 4 kids had impacted the amount of time I put into my daily appearance…which, in turn, impacted how I felt about myself.  This resolution was inspired by the birthday gift my mom gave me last year…a shopping spree, guided by the ALWAYS fashionable Shelby (one of my dearest Arizona friends)…that was sooooo much fun & having a fresh wardrobe WITH accessories really made me stop & realize that I felt so much better when I put a little thought into what I was wearing.

This year, I have a short list of resolutions…the ‘me’ resolution this year is to take a little ‘me’ time and pamper myself here and there.  The economy is awful, we are definitely feeling the pinch, but I am going to try to occasionally pamper myself despite the belt-tightening.

I know you are thinking…GET TO THE GIVEAWAY ALREADY!  So there is this FABULOUS website that offers luxury spa treatments for GROOVY DEALS!  I am giving away 2 SpaTimeNow Dollars, each for $50!  There are requirements to win, of course 😉

  1. Go over to facebook and “like” here
  2. write on their wall that you were sent over by ‘the Southern Girl’
  3. come back here and tell me what kind of spa treatment you will use that $50 for!
  4. This Giveaway closes on SATURDAY JANUARY 8th at 11:59pm  and winners will be announced on Sunday January 9th!

Don’t worry if there isn’t a spa in your area yet…the STN dollars do not expire and they are adding new spas in new places constantly!  You can even request that your favorite spa be added to their site!

Just so you know, this GIVEAWAY is riddled with nepotism…I have a special relationship with the founder…she’s my MOM :)…but that still means $50 in fabulous spa treatments for the lucky winners!  Don’t forget to become a member over at you can stay up-to-date on the GROOVY DEALS 24/7!  You will be amazed at what you can get with $50 by using !

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My First GIVEAWAY! — 10 Comments

  1. Woo-hoo!! Just did some “liking” for the raffle. OMG…please please please!! Need something to take all the stress away!! Hahaha. Lol!!

  2. I will use my spa time for a facial! I’ve NEVEr had one and ALWaYS wanted one!!! wish me luck!!!

  3. Hey Tasha!

    I’d go for a pedi (of course) and loooong massage….what mom couldn’t use one??!


  4. If I won the gift certificate I would use it to have some alone, quiet, me time save my sanity. Probably a pedicure (nobody should see these dogs in flip-flops right now) or maybe a nice long massage. I’m not really picky as long as its quiet. You see I am a “Southern girl” too, and as you may be aware- we are smack dab in the middle of duck huntin’ season which means “Southern husband” must constantly perfect his duck calling skills. Mainly in my kitchen, but sometimes in the car too (awesome). When said husband isn’t blowing the making the most annoying 90 dB sound ever, he is dragging dead animals in to my house to clean. I’m quite certain a nice long trip to the spa is just what I need to keep from having a psychotic break down! Thanks for giving me the chance to win it! ( And for a good vent!) – Kelly

  5. I would treat my best friend, a mom to 4 kids, one a special needs child to a spa day with me. With our busy lives we don’t get to hangout as much as we would like, and her son’s needs come before her needs. I would love to treat her and have time to chill with her