Super Bowl Party…Part II

Well, you didn’t really think I could have any kind of party-type series that didn’t talk about food, did you? So, I had originally planned on doing a Mexican theme for the food, then I thought…why not Southern??? So today, I’m making Brunswick Stew…YUMMMMMMMM! I tell my kids that it is BBQ soup, if you aren’t familiar with this Southern delight. Surprisingly easy to make, will feed a crowd…you can double it (or triple) if needed…and a nice change of pace from the usual chili. The other bonus for this recipe, is you can totally use short-cuts…like buy the shredded pork from your favorite BBQ place…or use a rotisserie chicken from the grocery. I’m using some left-over pork & turkey (instead of chicken) that I froze with making Brunswick Stew in mind :). This is really more of a method, because you can freely substitue, delete, & add most of the items…I’ll be sure to let you know which are necessary. Most of the method involves the phrase ‘to taste’…so add a little, then more until it gets to your liking.

You’ll want to chop the potatoes and onions into bite-sized pieces…

This is going to give you the impression that I am organized LOL…the frozen, ready-to-go chopped pulled pork, chopped turkey (we pulled it, too LOL), & homemade chicken stock.  I defrosted the stock in my microwave & added the meats to the pot frozen!  I told you this was easy!

Sling it in the pot with the potatoes & onions…add in the tomatoes…

I let it simmer until the potatoes were almost tender before adding in the BBQ sauce, vinegar & ketchup…

Corn goes in with just enough time to heat thoroughly before serving…it will stick to the pot if you’re not careful…

I LOVE it with cornbread (what don’t I love cornbread with?)…I’ve shared this recipe before…don’t forget to preheat the skillet!

Smell that?  I wish you could!

Okay, if Brunswick Stew isn’t floating your boat…you can read about how to make ordinary tacos extraordinary here, they will feed a crowd, too.

***Be sure to stay tuned…I will be posting printable copies of the recipes with the final installment of the Super Bowl Party…beverages!***

Today’s secret revealed…whenever I make Brunswick Stew, I always picture my Grannie around a cauldron (literally, LOL) with her aunts (Francis & Vera) cooking this very same thing…that was quite a sight!  This particular recipe I shared is compliments of my mother-in-law, who (to my knowledge) has never cooked in a cauldron LOL.

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Super Bowl Party…Part II — 24 Comments

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