Settling in to Summer

I didn’t realize that my blog posts might be missed :).  Thanks to those who have asked “when are you gonna do another blog post?”.  These last few weeks we finished up school, had Baseball All-Star practice every night for 2 weeks for 2+ hours, then trying to settle in to a summer routine (or lack there of), planning for visits…the list goes on & on.  I had forgotten the challenges of adding 3 little boys to my regular routine…grocery shopping is quite an undertaking in itself.  We have had such fun, when I’m not intently trying to focus on one thing (hence the lack of blog posts). 

The W.A.C. collected quite a bit of food for the Backpack Program!  The kiddos & I are going to deliver it tomorrow! 

One little project I have going on with the boys is an earning chart.  They really need to start helping out with the messes they create.  We have ‘point makers’ (clearing dishes from table, room picked up, make bed, clothes to laundry, good deeds) and we have ‘point takers’ (whining, fighting, talking back, wet suits on floor, naughty acts).  I let them choose a prize and they have to earn 100 points to get it.  I love encouraging the good behavior…and really needed to do something to curtail the naughty stuff.

Miss Emma is quickly approaching 3!  She is so sassy…and quite the mother hen.  She really keeps those boys in line.  She wants in on the point making…so her points are earned by using the potty.  Oh happy day!  We are potty trained (wearing pull-ups at night)!  I have spent the better part of a decade changing diapers NON-STOP…with some periods of 3 in diapers.  I know some mommies mourn these milestones, but that’s how I know I am truly, most happily done adding to our family…4 is definitely enough :).

What are your summer plans?  I’m always looking for creative ideas, please share!

Today’s secret revealed…I miss the everynight baseball practices…we had fun watching those boys…and the beer margaritas were so refreshing!

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