Summer is here…

Is it just me, or do the number of impromptu parties multiply in the summer?  I find that we can have a party, pretty much anywhere…the pool, baseball practice, the driveway…you get the idea.  I like to have a few things on hand…just in case. 

Chips and some sorta dip…usually I have a few varieties, but tortilla chips & salsa and plain potato chips (I like the wavy kind) with french onion dip are must haves!  Random veggies and a bottle of ranch on stand-by are always a hit…oranges cut into wedges…and, of course, freezie pops (outside only at this house). 

What little munchies to you keep on hand for those fun times? 

Now, what about the drinks?  Juice boxes for the kiddies…what do you have for the adults?  In the summer, one of my FAVES is a Saucy Arnie Palmer…good lemonade & Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka.  The good folks over at Firefly were kind enough to start producing ‘Skinny Tea’…it is a carb free version (I hear the roar of the crowd from here).  I am now in search of a truly yummy low-carb lemonade (not crystal light or Trop 50…tried them…crystal light doesn’t have the pulpy magic & Trop 50 still has too many carbs…maybe I need to add some fresh squozed lemon to the crystal light…or make my own…I want Chick-fil-A quality diet lemonade with out the $9 a gallon price).

One of my new favorite summer drinks is the Beer Margarita…yep, you read it right!  My Jersey Girl gone South friend Kathy was kind enough to introduce me to these wonderfully refreshing drinks.  Such an easy recipe…4 Coronas (or Corona light), 1 cup of tequila, and one can of frozen limeade (do not dilute!)…serve them over ice.  You’ll be back to thank me & Jersey later ;).

What is your favorite summertime beverage???

Today’s secret revealed…don’t put your batch (or two) of Beer Margaritas on ice in the serving container.  If you happen to not finish them, they keep just fine in the fridge until the next night.  One more thing…squozed was not a typo…it is a Duckwall-ism.

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Summer is here… — 2 Comments

  1. My “new” summer drink is a Dragon Driver – Bacardi Dragonberry Rum, OJ, splash of sprite. Yum O! I’m not going to give you ounces, as being a former bartender, I have a heavy hand when pouring!
    To really get the party started, make some Samuari Slingers. 1.5 oz Bacardi Dragonberry, .75 oz Simple Syrup, juice of 1 lemon wedge…ENJOY!