…and now it is nearly gone.

Summer, that is.  The boys are all registered for school…the stores are all filled with school supplies…where did it go so fast???  I have only written 2 posts this summer…time really does fly when you’re havin’ fun. 

I have been so busy, that I totally missed a very special day…The Secrets of a Southern Girl’s 1st birthday!  It was on July 19th, I was busy recuperating from a lovely vacation and spending valuable time with my Mom who was here for a very short visit…so happy late birthday to my little creative outlet!

I’m sure that once the boys are back at school, in about 3 weeks…YIKES!…I’m having flashbacks to this time last year…I can’t believe it is here already!  I’m sure once they go back I will be refreshed and ready to get back at blogging…I have tons of material jotted down on my trusty note pads that I carry everywhere…even a few partially written posts.  We have just been so busy this summer…busy enjoying the down time.

I’m sorry if I’ve kept y’all hangin’, but I will tell you that a future post (sometime probably after August 17) will include a very special…very southern recipe…there was a movie of the same name…can you guess it???

Today’s secret revealed…savor the moments, like summer they fly by!

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…and now it is nearly gone. — 1 Comment