…it offers challenges…daily.  Some are the usual just-get-through-homework kinda challenges…others take you back a few steps.  This week, I got taken back several steps.  Some unacceptable behaviors…that I had no idea of…were brought to my attention.  I was crushed…not in denial, however.  I think that is the key…to not be a “my child would NEVER do that”.  You know what they say about never saying never.  I struggled with the “why”, “where did he learn that”…the conclusion I came to is that it is a part of growing up.  It is necessary to learn boundaries of behavior.  I am honestly amazed that I haven’t run in to an issue such as this before now.  So, I have administered what I deem to be fair, appropriate punishment…and now I have to hope he has learned a difficult lesson and that we won’t have this same issue again.

I am not going to include ugly details, let’s just leave it at he was not following The Golden Rule.  I believe a valuable lesson has been learned, and I hope that my big guy will remember this for a very long time.

My lesson has been that this behavior doesn’t mean I’m a bad parent…I believe the way you handle these challenges tells what kind of parent you are.

I can’t stay mad at that sweet face!  And the answer is…no, the boys never wear shirts when they’re at home :).

Today’s secret revealed…I was shocked by this behavior from E…I have to admit that I have one who this wouldn’t have surprised me…still wouldn’t have been okay, just wouldn’t have been shocked.

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  1. I believe you couldn’t have said it better. It is the way the parent handles the response not the behavior of the child. We have to keep in mind they are just children and no one is a perfect parent or child. Keep up the good work. You have 4 wonderful children.

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