For the Little Loves of My Life

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day…though darling husband and I don’t really celebrate, other than a special dinner at home, I do like making something special for the kids.  Sometimes (well, most of the time) I procrastinate…so, this morning, I have been scouring Pinterest for easy ideas I can accomplish by tomorrow afternoon.

I try, most years…to make the kids pancakes on their birthdays that spell out their names and their age, so I know I can make these pancakes…I will just have to drag myself out of bed the first time the alarm goes off in the morning (no snooze button…I’m a snoozer).

From Martha (of course)

For a fun after school surprise…

Again, Martha…how cute are these?!?

For dinner…I think I will make my own dough

This blog also had made heart shaped pepperonis, but I couldn’t get the picture to save…you’ll have to go see it for yourself.

And for dessert…they just love brownies…and M&Ms.  I have a variety of heart shaped cookie cutters for just such an occasion.  Should I do it all myself, or let them help???  decisions, decisions.

You can see this here.

All of these ideas are examples of how to transform usual stuff into something special (well, except the fortune cookies…which are coincendentally the most likely not to get done…but too cute not to show!).

I hope everyone has a Valentine’s Day filled with love…make some happy memories!

Today’s secret revealed…I have officially given up on store-bought greeting cards…they are waaaaaaay overpriced, and though you can find them that say close to what you are thinking…why not just use your own words?  Have your kids draw pictures…what daddy, mommy, or grandparent would prefer one ‘off the shelf’?  The exception to this is the V day cards the kids made for classmates…for $3 we got the cards, stickers, lollipops and a carrying box.


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