It’s Our Thing…

Clovers…the four-leafed variety always makes me think of our children.  Where did this all begin?  I think it started with St. Patty’s Day 2001…we spent the day in Virginia-Highlands…probably my favorite part of Atlanta…at a little bar, Atkins Park.  I think we were the first people in the place.  They served the BEST chicken fingers…we love ‘bar food’.  They were battered, with fresh thyme in the batter…so yummy…the puffy crunchiness.  We were watching March Madness, the only time I even remotely pay attention to basketball…having a few coldies.  All of a sudden, we looked around and the place was PACKED…standing room only…and we had the best seats in the house.  We had always done something fun on St. Patty’s Day, but this one was special…it was a Saturday…no work, pre-kids kinda Saturday :).

Maybe my affinity to clovers stems from my love of red-heads…I still can’t believe that NONE of my babies have red hair.  Sometimes, when the light hits it just right, Em’s hair has a strawberry tint.  I have a bit of Irish in my heritage…Tannery, pretty Irish name…maybe that’s it.  Whatever it is I am drawn to four-leaf clovers.  My kids even go to Clover Schools. 

Last July, DH and I celebrated 10 blissful years of marriage and I wanted to give him (us) something very special to commemorate our day.  I wanted to do a piece of art…thought about DIY’ing it, but wasn’t confident enough in my abilities…not to mention it sounds WAY cooler to say “I had a painting commissioned for you” LOL.  I contacted Lindsay over at Hello Hue, I chose her for several reasons…she is talented, reasonably priced, and in Hawaii (where we got married!).  I waited and waited for her custom queue to have an opening, and our anniversary got closer and closer.  Finally I begged wrote to her and explained the situation, and the meaning behind everything…she graciously squeezed me in!  I was overjoyed!  I told her I wanted a four-leaf clover…but not a green one, a khaki-ish one…on a turqouise-ish background (my color obsession).  She did a fabulous job, sending me sneak peeks along the way. 


At the very last minute, I asked that she incorporate the kids’ initials in some way…E L O e.

So special!  Lindsay has a whole shop of paintings ready to go…or you can have your own painting commissioned ;).

One day, a few weeks ago, I was purusing Pinterest (odd, I know), and came across this necklace …

I fell in love!  MUST HAVE!  I decided this would be the very thoughtful gift from my family to ME for Mother’s Day this year…I love it and they don’t have to worry about thinking of something for me…it is a win-win :).  When I went to purchase this, it was sold out…but I was determined & contacted her…I had it, in hand, in a week!  I love etsy!

Again, purusing Pinterest (weird!), I came across a fun little tutorial for clovers made from paper rolls…of course, I painted mine turquoise.

I hope everyone has a fabulous St. Patty’s Day!  I will be celebrating in Clover, SC…’running’ in my very first 5K.  Wish me LUCK!

Today’s secret revealed…I find many of my ‘collections’ are somewhat accidental.  I have several ducks…obviously a few clovers…antique bottles…Nativities…but I don’t exclusively have a designated area for each of them (well, most of my bottles are in one area), but I have them scattered about.  It lends some degree of cohesiveness to my style, I think.

I am considering a Pinterest support group…anyone want to join? 😛

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