Silver Linings

I found this…where else?  Pinterest.  It is from Keep Calm Gallery…I loved purusing this site.  This just might become my mantra.  So simple…you’ve heard it a million times…and so TRUE!  Sometimes you have to search for that glimmer of silver in your gloomy situation, other times it shines brightly. 

I witnessed a very poignant example of silver linings over the last few months…from devastating illness came amazing healing…from suffering came peace…what was broken became whole again.  It was beautiful…and so sad.  My heart was heavy, and yet I was so grateful to be a part of such an amazing family.

Remember those silver linings.

Today’s secret revealed…I’m still searching for some of the silver linings in a few past cloudy days…they are there, and when the time is right I will realize what it was all about.

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