The Party is in the Planning

I’m a planner…so much so that often I expend all of the allotted energy on the planning.  In other words, I plan a project and never actually do it…I like to think I properly plan so that I know what I’m getting in to, and maybe after really looking at it, it isn’t worth my efforts.  The current project looming in my brain is our Summer garden.  My planning wheels are spinning.  I had been dreading the big clean-up (should’ve done that in the fall), but a little visit from Uncle Tim…and magically it was done :).  Aunt Michelle (or C-shell, as the kids call her), is the famous Laundry Fairy…be jealous, very jealous…probably shouldn’t call Uncle Tim the Garden Fairy LOL.

I didn’t take a ‘before’ picture of the garden…trust me, it was shameful.  Here is after the Garden, um…Guru visited…

We have lots of clover…imagine that.  That’s on Darling Husband’s list…grass, we have weeds.

I had a really successful garden last year, especially considering it was my first try.  I learned a few things.  I learned that I want to have 2 jalapeno plants, rather than 1 each of 3 varieties of hot peppers (if I have extra room, I may do 1 hot banana pepper…no New Mexican Reds, too waxy).  I also know that I will have to fight with the squash bugs…they were mostly on the hill, where the pumpkins, watermelon & cantaloupe were planted.  Apparently they like the mulch…no pumpkins at all last year.


They were creepy, and there were TONS of them.  I have been reading about what to do to prevent these…most suggest just squashing them…EWWWWWW.  I think I will just plant a sacrificial plant or four to keep these creepy little boogers occupied & out of my veggies.  I also have read that companion planting helps ward them off, planting things they don’t like…radishes, some herbs…that’s on my list.

So this is my plan…I’m sure it will evolve over the next week or so.  I believe that this is going to be our Spring Break project.  I will have to purchase all of the plants before they are out of school…imagine trying to focus at the garden center with 4 monkeys running around.

What are you planting this year???

Today’s secret revealed…I was so sad as last summer came to an end, I knew I would miss cooking with fresh herbs, but our winter was so mild that the only herb I lost to the weather was basil.  I hope it doesn’t snow at Easter.


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The Party is in the Planning — 2 Comments

  1. Sounds great!And Tim did a great job cleaning area out! Looks good! I am going to at least plant a few herbs again…and maybe a tomato or two!