An Encore

Surely you didn’t think that a single post would sufficiently cover my love of Fried Green Tomatoes.  I like to make a big batch, and hide a few to have as left-overs…if you leave them out, they will be eaten…sometimes we have to think of ourselves, just a little bit ;). 

This brings me to another very Southern delight…the tomato sandwich.  Yes, just tomato…well and Duke’s mayo…and a bit of salt & pepper.  If you don’t have Duke’s (because you don’t live in the South, sorry!), the next best thing is Hellman’s (aka Best Foods if you’re out West).  These are a VERY seasonal item…not worth having a tomato only sandwich with a hot house tomato in January!  I only really want one of these when I, or whoever gives me the tomato has picked it.  Don’t get me wrong…I LOVE a B.L.T., but there is this brief window of time each year that you can keep the lettuce, and serve the bacon on the side (I’m not one to turn down bacon). 

The only thing I like to add to my fresh from the garden tomato sandwich…is a couple of slices of fried green tomatoes…oh yes!  Take a look…

I was so thankful for the leftovers…my little Luke had to have one, too…he was lucky I hid enough for him ;).  I warmed the Fried Green Tomatoes in the toaster oven, they were perfectly crispy, just like when fresh! 

 No Southern meal is every truly complete without sweet tea…this day, I had some BEAUTIFUL York County, SC white peaches to add to my tea…heaven!

Today’s secret revealed…did you know, that despite Georgia being “The Peach State”, that South Carolina is the largest producer of peaches in the South?

One more…when storing fried leftovers, pack them with paper towels, it will help keep them from becoming soggy.

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