The Great Sofa Makeover

Don’t get too excited, I’m just getting started, maybe ¼ through the project…that being said, I have spent a good 18 hours of this week on 3 cushions.  My house is a wreck, the laundry mountain has returned, and I have company coming in a few hours…this post will be brief ;). 

My husband and I decided that it would be worth the money (less than $100 for the whole sofa) and worth my time to give making a slipcover for the dilapidated sofa a try.  He couldn’t watch as I cut off the first seat cushion…they are attached to the body of the sofa.  I had a nervous knot in my stomach, because I knew if this didn’t work we would need a replacement STAT.


I kinda think this is an improvement over the flaky, hole-y mess of a seat cushion.  Half of this sectional is completely falling apart…half is perfectly fine…bummer, huh?  I pulled the cushions out of this mess of pleather, finding all kinds of crap that my kids had lost in the crevices.  The pile of pleather…

Recovering these cushions literally took me nearly SIX hours each!  Just making the piping for one took over an hour.  It is a tedious, time consuming, lint creating, mess making project…BUT, after I got the first pillow put together…I knew it was going to be worth the effort.  Here are the 3 recovered cushions…

Now I have to do the big part, making the slipcover for the body of the sofa.  I think it is going to be a little less tedious (I hope so, anyway).  For now, I have to race around to get this place looking less like a dusty, linty, crazy sewing room and more like my home again…so I can welcome the In-laws, they know I’m a mess ;).

This is what I did when my brain needed a break from the sewing!  I think these are pretty cute…might have to embellish a pillow with a few of these.

Today’s secret revealed…by the time I got to pillow #3, I had this down to a science…I hope I don’t forget all of my tricks when I move on to the other side!

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