I See the Light!

At the end of the tunnel…or if you happen to live in the Charleston area, the light is the frieght train comin’ your way!  This weekend, I am blowin’ this popcicle stand kids!  Mommy/Wifey is heading out for what can only be the MOST FABULOUS WEEKEND EVER!!!  There are 10 of us girls meeting up…probably the first time all of us have been together in almost 25 years!  There are rumors of a karaoke machine, blenders, & yoga mats (we have to make up for some of the damage).  Oh my!  This better become a regular event!

We were prompted to get together by the tragic loss of a dear friend to us all…we will share our fondest memories while we make new ones…wishing she was there with us…we know she’ll be there in spirit.

Today’s secret revealed…I’ve been a SAHM to four wonderful children for a solid year now…Momma is ready for a vacation!  It doesn’t make me a bad mommy to need a little break…I will come back refreshed and ready to get ‘back to work’ just like the days when I had a ‘real’ job (insert sarcasm at ‘real’).  I’m gonna miss those little monkeys!

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