Platters with Purpose

When you think of how to use a platter, does it pretty much stop with serving food?  Maybe you get a little crazy and hang one on the wall…I am a platter fanatic.  I don’t really know where it started, but I love them…and love to find new ways to use them.   My BFF gave me a lovely platter for Christmas, I didn’t want to put it in that high cabinet above my fridge…I wanted to enjoy it, be reminded of my friendship. 

I was having this issue with my kitchen sink supplies and my countertops being constantly wet.  I didn’t want to stuff everything under the sink where I didn’t have ready access.  I was just about to hang that pretty platter on the wall…then I had this idea:

It keeps my countertops free of water spots…and is much more aesthetically pleasing…the group has a ‘purpose’.  My sponges & sink stoppers have a home in the bowl, my dish soap, hand soap, & counter spray are easily accessible & don’t look like they need to be put away.  It is one of the rare places that isn’t riddled with clutter (still working on those home goals).  I know it isn’t an earth shattering idea, but it works so well for me!  On the last visit to my BFF’s home, she showed me how my use of the platter she gave me inspired her to do the same…I thought ‘hmmmm, maybe I should blog about that’…so here we are ;).

I like to also use platters in place of trays.  Trays usually have handles that pose storage issues, so I tend to steer clear of them.  Again, things look better to my eyes when there is something that brings them together…adds cohesiveness.  Next time you host a little gathering, be it coffee or happy hour…give it a whirl!

Now, I’m not much of one to do tequila shots…but I liked the look of the bottle AND my supplies on hand were kinda limited ;).  What do you think?  I think this totally looks better than having them all separate.  (I really should’ve done a picture to compare the 2…sorry!).

And for the next morning (LOL!)…or afternoon tea…

Do you have a favorite pretty platter that doesn’t get used often?  Give it a new purpose!

Today’s secret revealed:  I tend to attach sentimental value to ‘things’…I love that platter because everytime I wash the dishes I think of my BFF…that is what motivates me to find everyday uses for special ‘things’.

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